My Bathroom Remodel: The Spa Shower

Our bathroom remodel started because we had a crack in our tile shower floor.  I was not heartbroken at all!  Our house is 20 years old and all the tile was stark white so it wasn't fun to keep clean.  When my husband and I started putting our ideas together for our bathroom remodel, the shower was of special concern to us. 

I began researching different ways to design a spa shower.  My husband thinks BIG so his ideas were much like this one.  He liked the idea of having various showerheads and dual showerheads.  I liked the idea but realistically I knew that would be extremely expensive, require some extensive plumbing and really didn't fit our space.

I loved this one.  It has the various showerheads but is still within reason for the space.  Hower, it too is pretty expensive.  Some of the other features I like about this cubby for my shampoo, conditioner and shaving cream.  The bench is actually functional and inviting.

The shower below, has no door.  I loved the idea of not having to clean a door!

 Then I ran across this one I liked the idea of a spa shower door that would swing in so that you could keep the door open to allow it to dry and prevent mildew.

In the end, we kept the single showerhead and chose fixtures in bronze.  I went to a local tile store I have used a number of times and asked for a lot of input as to what was slip resistent and easy to clean.  I knew I didn't not want a natural material because they are harder to keep clean.  I also knew I needed something affordable because frankly we have a number of other projects we need to do in this house. 

I went with a larger tile on the walls to cut down on grout lines.  Then of course we went with a smaller tile on the floor and ceiling.  It is amazing how I have no problems keeping this tile clean!  When the grout starts to get a little mildew I just pull out a "true" grout brush, a little tile cleaner and scrub it clean!

 My husband designed a bench seat that we could actually use to sit on.  He decided not to have a box seat because that would require another drain inside of the box.

Then my husband added a cubby for our hair products and a seperate cubby for our soap.  Brett actually did the carpentry work and we hired a professional to tile the shower.  There's some expertise involved in laying tile for a shower and we didn't want to risk losing that.   

Last, we chose a boarder to give it a little more design. 

I love the final result.  In the end, I realized that there was no overspray from the shower.  I got to looking around and found that this was becoming fairly popular.  I decided that I enjoyed not having to clean a door; my shower staying dry and clean; and being able to actually enjoy the beauty of the tile other than when I was in the shower was a plus!

I hope this has inspired you.  Stay tune for the next feature of My Bathroom Remodel:  Redesigning Existing Cabinetry.
Until next time, take your time because your best designs happen over time! 


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