Year in Review of 2013 and Forecast for 2014

2013 was a great year for projects in our home.  Being a decorator, there is always something in progress in my own home.  I work those projects in as time allows and I completely see why people need a decorator of their own.  It takes A LOT of time, preparation and energy. 

I had a long list of projects at the start of 2013 and I completed most of them.  In looking through them, here were my favorite ones. 

Before I started the blog, we had started a master bathroom project and were finishing it up.  It started out with white tile and lovely dusty rose counter tops.

It ended with beautiful tile, a warmer paint color, an antique soaking table, a custom designed shower and reconfiguring and adding to the existing cabinets.  Here's a refresher of what it turned out like. 

In 2013, I created a family wall collage for my living room.  Wall collages are fun!  They are a great way to display a collection and fill a wall.  I love being able to help clients do this in their home and I was glad to finally put my own family collage together. 


Since I have lived in my home, I have looked up at the empty space over my foyer door.  It was really driving me CRAZY so I decided that I had to figure this space out.  I knew I didn't want a floral arrangement or statues in the space.  I was glad that I was able to come up with someone to draw the eye upward when people come to my home. 

I created a number of florals for my home.  This one turned out to be my favorite one. 

I have distressed furniture for a number of years using latex paint.  I had wanted to try chalk paint but had not.  In 2013, I finally decided to give it try and IT IS ADDICTIVE!  I have since done a number of techniques using chalk paint and have learned a lot.  An old Tom's Peanut cabinet that came out of my grandparent's store was one of the first pieces I finished.  I turned it into a linen cabinet to store some of my cherished pieces. 

So what is instore for 2014?  Here is my list: 
  1. Complete my upholstery projects - settee and chair.
  2. Complete my living room makeover.
  3. Add window treatments to our master bathroom and a few final decorative touches. 
  4. Purchase a sectional sofa, ottoman and window treatments to our downstairs den.
  5. Give the guest bedroom a makeover.  I am going to distress the furniture and have been researching what route I am going to go in this.  I can't wait to get this project started.
  6. Give my master bedroom a face lift with fresh paint and nightstands.  This will complete what I have already started in there.
  7. Turn my office into more of a sitting room/office.
  8. Paint my dining room. 
  9. Decorate my patio and landscape around it.
  10. Finish face lifting the exterior of my home with farm shutters.
I know it is long but it is attainable.  I can't wait to share more with you from my home in 2014.  I have lots of new ideas coming that will include tours of other homes, designer stores and craft projects.  I can't wait to get started!

Until next time remember, Great Design Takes Time!


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