New Dining Room Chairs

Hi, I'm Lisa and I'm an addict!!!  I see things that other people see as junk and I have to rescue it! I want to bring it back to their former glory or give them an all new look updated look. Sometimes these projects are simple and easy. But sometimes I think, "Maybe I should have thought about this one more."

I found this set in pretty rough condition. Four of the chairs were either missing the caning in the back or it was damaged. I found the other four in near perfect condition. The previous owner had already painted them but they were 2 different colors so I had to repaint them.

Since I already had a dining room table that I love, I sold the table that went with the chairs. I was left with 6 side chairs and 2 armchairs. What drew me to these chairs was of course, that French look. 

I painted the chairs with Amy Howard's Linen paint. Then I used the antique wax to finish them off.  I love the molding on these chairs. 

Removing the lovely plastic from them was a huge improvement and the fabric wasn't bad but several were soiled so I decided to replace the kakhi floral damask. 

I chose a kakhi linen for the seats. It wasn't a huge change but if you are going to update, might as well do it right and go all the way.  I love how they turned out.

Here's my dining room with my old dining room chairs. There was nothing wrong with them. They were a French ribbon back chair set. In my previous home, I used these chairs in my breakfast room. Since I was using them in my dining room, I really wanted something a little larger with a higher back and that made a little more of a statement. 


What I really like about my new chairs is that they contrast with the dark table.  At the same time, the repeat of off white with the chairs, molding and chandelier gives 3 like elements which is key to decorating. 
So.......what made me rethink this project?  Well, once I got into it, I found it was a TON of work figuring out how to cane the back of the chairs.  My hubby did it for me but it took a lot trial and error.  The hardest part was finding the right size spline that holds the caning in place.  If I had known how hard it was to figure out on our own, I would have gladly paid someone else to do the work.  This is a dying trade and the closest caner is 30 miles away so I had thought we'd try it ourselves. 

Well, it did take some trial and error but AGAIN my husband made my dreams come true!   

Until next time, remember that Great Design Takes Time!


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