High Space Vignettes

Creating vignettes above cabinets and furniture is a great way to display items you've collected over the years.  To do this, keep a few things in mind.  First, you don't want so much stuff that it looks cluttered.  Choose your items wisely and limit them.  Secondly, when working with cabinets, create a vignette above each section.  This helps the eye pause at each section and take notice of what is up above.  Last, choose items that are large enough to see from down below. 

This is a picture of the kitchen cabinets in my own home.  I have displayed various pieces that I have gathered over the years.  My goals here were to find items that would bring more of my color palette into the room and that would contrast against the rich chocolate paint.  One of my favorite items is the log cabin that my father and I made for a 3rd grade project.  I'm so glad I kept it and lugged it around from house to house until I found the perfect spot for it in my home.  Isn't it precious? 
Here is a beautiful picture I found of an armoire with a collection of different textures of containers.  I love the mix of weathered wicker and terracotta.  Actually, I love everything about this room! 
Even modern spaces look great to display pieces up high.  Years ago, I had a friend whose home had alcoves, high ceilings and lighting centered in each alcove above his cabinets.  He displayed local artwork in each alcove.  I wish I could find a picture of it but this was the best I could do!
Here is a picture I found of another kitchen with cabinets decorated above.  I love the geese above the cabinet spaces.  I don't think they ever go out of style!
Above my dining room china cabinet, I added a pop of color to the room by painting a large basket I already had a pale blue.  I had an antique terracotta birdhouse that was given to me almost 20 years ago by a lady who was in her 90's at that time.  Her parents had brought it with them to America from Holland.  Then I added a small mossy basket at the end to give it more life.  Notice that I put my largest piece on the left and my smallest piece on the right.  We naturally look at picture starting high on the left and move diagonally to the bottom left. 
I hope you have been inspired to either create or rearrange items in your high spaces.  Remember, vignettes are pictures of what you want the eye to see.  Feel free to share with me obstacles you have.  I'd love to help!  And I'd love to see things that you have done in your own home. 

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