Wall Collages

Wall collages are a great way to display a collection, fill a wall, and add interest.  There's countless ways of what you can hang and how you can hang it.  First, gather all the items that you'd like to hang.  You can hang photos, plates, or even an assortment of various pictures and architectural pieces.  Next, find a space you'd like to hang your collection.  Take the items and arrange them on the floor in that area.  Be sure to consider furniture and accessories that might block the view of the collage.  You'll want to get a measuring tape, level, pencil, nails and hammer to help in your project. 
This is a collage in my daughter's room.  She chose some colorful bird pictures from Classic Home Decor and at 8 years old lugged them up to the front desk to let Carol know she was purchasing them!  Aren't they great?  Then I had a cross-stitch picture my mom made me about a mother's joy in having a daughter, so I passed it to Adelyn.  My mother in-law gave Adelyn a picket fence with hooks to hang hats and accessories on so we decided to use it as well.   My centerpiece is a large cork board that Adelyn displays her artwork on.  Then we used several pictures Adelyn created that I framed. 

My husband and I have tried to decide where to display family portraits.  He made the comment one day that he really didn't like that I had family pictures in our guest bathroom.  (Hey!  I didn't have anything to hang so I used what I had!  lol!)  I knew he was right so I pulled my collection together and decided that our next portrait appointment would be a new 11x14 of our family.  I chose to go with bronze, gold and brushed gold frames.  I took in mind that I wanted to balance the size and coloring of the frames.  I love how it turned out and it compliments the other artwork in the room.  Next on my list to do is to create a collage of extended family pictures from mine and Brett's childhood until today.  It will be a while before I can collect all the frames I need to get that project started but I've already started gathering the photos. 

This collage was done in a dining room I have been working on.  I found these great wall sconces and a peacock plate to start the collection.  The homeowner added to the collection.  When I was creating this collage, I had to keep in mind the possible placements for the custom floral arrangment I made for her.  This is a collection in progress so I'm hoping to add at least a few more plates to the bottom portion of this grouping.  I'd love to add some dark weathered wicker flat baskets to give it more texture and pull the dark wood up onto the wall.  Isn't it beautiful start?  Remember, Great Design Takes Time!

Botanical prints are in.  In my office, I have created a collage of botanical bird prints.  These are from vintage botanical books.  This one was created symmetrically so that everything is balanced. 
I could go on for days about wall collages.  They are a great way to display a collection, fill a wall and add interest.  I hope you have been inspired and are able to put these tips into use.  Please share with me any questions you may have.  I'll be glad to help!

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