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In our guest bedroom, we have a bedroom suite that was my husband's grandmother's.  I decided that our guest room was in much need of a little tender loving care.  I was not in love with the bedroom suite.  Well, instead of looking at life as full of obstacles, I look for a solution.  I could give the bedroom suite a makeover! 

I began to review various paints on the market to paint the bedroom suite.  I have created my own chalk paint but this was a rather large project so I wanted to use something that was already premixed.  There are a number of lines of paint used to makeover furniture.  I looked at 3 possible solutions. 

Annie Sloan was the first that I looked at.  Annie Sloan is a chalk paint.  It has a smooth finish and comes in wide range of premixed colors.  The color variations are the latest colors out.  According to, "Chalk Paint® is very easy to work with. It very rarely requires any preparation, such as sanding or priming, and can be used indoors or outside, on just about any surface - from wood to metal, and matt plastic to terracotta. It can revitalise old furniture, walls, ceilings and floors with ease. It's easy, fun and makes amazing results accessible to everyone."  I talked with the ladies at Faux Studios in Irondale about the product. Faux Stuidios has a great studio set up and classes starting around $100. A quart of paint cost $35. I love the various colors and finishes Annie Sloan has.  It is a reputable name and I have heard a lot about it.  For more information go to

Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint was another paint that I looked at.  Miss Mustard Seed is a blogger I have followed for several years.  Her love is painting furniture.  She recently came out with her own line of milk paint.  I have not tried milk paint but it is technique I heard my grandmother refer to.  According to Miss Mustard Seed's site, "Milk Paint is an ancient all-natural paint containing basic ingredients including milk protein (casein), limestone, clay and natural pigments. When absorbed into the surface, Milk Paint will never chip or peel when applied to a raw wood surface. It is suitable for both interior and exterior applications and is naturally mold resistant. Milk paint provides a completely breathable coating and is ideal for painting wood, plaster, drywall and a variety of other surfaces..........With the Milk Paint Bonding Agent you can use Milk Paint on even more surfaces such as previously painted walls, varnished surfaces, ceramic tiles, metal, glass etc. Without the bonding agent, Milk Paint will resist some prefinished or prepainted surfaces to achieve an authentic “chippy” look."  With Miss Mustard Seed paint, you can leave it as is or you may decide to do an antique wax.  You can mix your own paint with her powder but she also has a selection of premixed.  Her paint may be purchased on her site at
The last paint that I considered was Amy Howard at Home paint.  I looked into this paint at Baker Lamps and Linens, off Valleydale Road in Birmingham, Alabama.  The ladies there are fabulous and I have worked with them a number of times on various lamps I have made over in my home.  I had admired a number of pieces that had come through Baker's and had seen some great transformations.  According to Amy Howard's website at  "The Amy Howard At Home One Step Paint is a revolutionary new paint product that allows you to transform furniture, cabinetry and everything in-between with just one swipe of rich, chalky-soft color- yes- it’s that easy. You can even use this on Formica, plastic, metal, and lacquered wood - and yes - it is that good!"  You can paint your piece and leave it as is with a chalky look or you can choose one of their finishes.  There are literally dozens of ways to finish your piece with metallic paint around the edges; dust of ages to give it an aged look; light or dark wax to give it an antique look; and they even have a solution that will antique mirrors!
In the end, I chose the Amy Howard at Home paint.  I was fascinated with all the various techniques I could use.  I felt like I could give my bedroom suite more of an antique look that would last a lifetime!  I loved all the different combinations that I could choose from.  Also, I really enjoy working with the ladies at Baker Lamps and Linens.  They are always so helpful.  Katie talked to me ahead of time about the steps.  She also has classes for those who want that extra help.  Since I have used various paint techniques of my own over the years, all I felt I needed was a little instruction. 
I fell in love with a number of the pieces on Amy Howard at Home's website, like this armoire.  I am seriously thinking of repurposing a television armoire I have that looks like this.  I figure I can use it in my office to store files and my office and media equipment.  Wouldn't you love to have a period looking piece like this in your home? 
Also, Amy Howard at Home paint has been featured in a number of magazines and is used by many designers.  After I used it I saw it referenced in several magazines I had around my home.

Here's a glimpse of the first piece I made over for my guest bedroom.  Isn't it beautiful? 

I now can attest that Amy Howard at Home paint is easy to use and has a wide variety of finishes.  I found it very easy to control which is not always the case when you are mixing your own paint.  My choice is not to say that the others aren't good choices but I really like the various looks you can acquire with Amy Howard at Home.
I can't wait to reveal my entire bedroom suite makeover but as you know, "Great Design Takes Time." 

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