Guest Bedroom Glimpse: Amy Howard at Home Furniture Makeover

One of my decorating goals for this year is to makeover my guest bedroom.  This is a room that often gets overlooked!  Doesn't it? 

When we moved into our home, we did not have any furniture for our guest bedroom.  Shortly afterwards, my husband's mother offered his grandmother's bedroom suite to us.  This was not a bedroom suite I especially liked but you know me, the wheels started turning and I knew that one day I'd give it a makeover!  I researched various paints to makeover my furniture and chose Amy Howard at Home Paint.  As you see, it was a fairly dated 70's bedroom suite.

Here is the mirror that was attached to the dresser.

The dresser and chest of drawers had a laminate top, which was a concern in choosing a paint with durable coverage.  I read about Amy Howard at Home paint and found that laminate was one of the materials it does well with covering!  :)

  Another perdicament I had was the headboard's lattice had been damaged. 


I began by painting the furniture lightly with 2 coats of Amy Howard at Home One Step Paint in Luxe Grey.  Then brushed on the light wax product, buffed and followed it with the Dust of Ages product by Amy Howard.  I finished it with Amy Howard's Dark Wax.  I loved how the makeover turned out!  

One of the reasons I went with Amy Howard at Home Paint was because I felt that I could capture more of a manufacturer paint finish in the end.  Whatever I chose, I wanted to be sure that it stayed in style for years to come.  The dresser had a mirror but for now I've decided not to use it. I'm hoping to find a more up to date mirror that is more transitional that will breath even more life into the suite. 

I was amazed how the headboard turned out after painting.  It really brought out the curved details and Barley Twist posts.  For the insert I had to get created.  That's my passion!  The lattice really dated the bedroom suite so it was no love lost that I couldn't find any to replace it.  I considered just inserting a solid board or a wood filigree cut out. 

In the end, I decided to go a different route by replacing the lattice with caning. I wet the caning and then stapled it to the back. Then I went over the caning with Amy Howard's Dark Wax to give it more of an antiqued finish.  It turned out looking fabulous!  Don't you think?

There's still lots to do in my guest room makeover.  My next step will be to find draperies and bedding.  Then I will choose a paint color.  I've been looking but nothing has called my name yet.  That's okay because as you know, Great Design Takes Time! 


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