Magnetic Chalkboard: The Story Behind It

In a previous post, I showed you how I had painted an old armoire door that I had.  The story behind the door is that it was a part of a Turn of the Century European collapsible armoire.  Basically, it was held together with pegs that you could remove easily to take the piece down to a base, sides, doors and header to easily transport overseas or across country.  It was not a sturdy piece and my husband had plans to put it together permanently and add more support. 

One day, I was working away at my desk when my then 4 year old daughter came into the room.  I heard a door swing open from the armoire and then the other.  I realized what had was happening as I heard the ancient piece cry out with an, "Eeeeee--errrrrrrrrrrr----CRASH!"  The armoire with its heavy plated mirrored doors came tumbling down, leaving sawdust, splinters, glass and a zillion pieces behind.  Luckily, Adelyn was fine.  She was scared to death that she was in trouble but besides me having a gash on the head, we survived!

I purchased the armoire with money I received for graduation from family so I wanted to re- purpose at least some piece of it.  I had a door without the glass and decided that I wanted to chalk paint it and turn it into a chalkboard.  I made my own chalk paint, painted it, sealed it with wax and then scuffed it up. 

My neighbor, Joann Holloway, creates magnetic chalkboards.  You will find her at shows all over the southeast or you can purchase direct from her website:

I had always wanted to have one of her works in my home so I took my door down to her to see if she could turn it into a magnetic chalkboard. She did and I as quite pleased with how it turned out. 

I decided to use it in my dining room so that I could write messages, the menu or sayings for our guest to see.  I can also use it to hang with magnets Adelyn's artwork on it if I choose. 

I knew I kept the key to it and found it just the other day.  I think it really finishes off the piece perfectly.  I'm excited to not only have one of her piece of works but also to be able to re-purpose yet again another piece. 

Until next time remember, Great Design Takes Time!


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