Antiquing Cabinets

Cabinetry  can be one of a home's greatest architectural features.  Often homeowners are dissatisfied with the cabinets in their home.  They are either not the right color, outdated or a wood finish that isn't appealing to them.  To replace cabinets is extremely expensive, not to mention the mess it makes.  Believe it or not, to have them painted can be almost as expensive!

One of the reasons, I began using Amy Howard at Home Paint is that you can use it to paint cabinetry with no stripping or sanding!  That takes half the work and mess out of the project. 

Recently, one of my clients was talking to me about a custom butler's pantry cabinet they had in their dining room.  It was painted white.

The cabinets were needing refreshing and the client really wanted to do something other than just giving them a fresh coat of white.

We talked about antiquing the cabinets to accent them more.  First, I painted them with Amy Howard's Linen paint. 


Then I used Amy Howard's antique wax and dark wax to give them an antiqued look. 

The most beautiful part of the piece was the molding but it was hardly noticed when it was painted white.  Now it stands out because it has depth!

Nothing is more rewarding to me than to stand back and see the difference a change like this can make to a room.  The butler's pantry really makes a statement in this room!

I hope you enjoyed seeing how antiquing cabinets can change a room.  I can't wait to show you later how they look accessorized.

Remember, Great Design Takes Time!


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