Christmas Door

The first Christmas we were in our home, I was on a limited budget.  We bought a home that needed windows, a roof, a new kitchen and lots and lots of work.  Being on a limited budget, is not a bad deal for me.  Seriously,  that's when I am my most creative!  I wanted to do something different to my front doorstoop.  Like every decorating job I do, I look at what I have to work with first. 

I found that I had a jingle bell wreath that my husband's father gave us.  It was bright red, green and blue.  For those of you who know me, not my colors, but nothing that a little spray paint couldn't fix!  I sprayed it copper and then added a fresh green silk ribbon to it. 

I then struggled to figure out what else to do so I went to the Dollar Store.  Didn't you know they are a designer store?  Well, they can be if you are creative.  Afterall, it's the creativity that makes things have design.  I found some shiny brass jingle bells!  My theme started coming together! 

The following year, I found a large jingle bell and added it to the mix.  It became the centerpiece of all the hanging bells. 

In the end I spent less than $20 and was pleased with the outcome. 

It's amazing what you can come up with in your own home and with a little creativity. 

Hope you are enjoying the holiday season!

Remember, Great Design Takes Time!

Lisa Wills

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