Dining Room Christmas Table

I love coming up with a centerpieces for my dining room table for different times of the year!  This Christmas, I decided that I wanted to use some of my silver that rarely gets used.  I remember being a child admiring my Maw Maw Dodd’s silver and wishing she’d actually use it!  When I got married, she gave me some of her silver and since then I have added a number of pieces on my own.  
I pulled out a silver hollowware epergne that has 3 hanging baskets.  I have never used it and decided that I wanted to put it to use!

 I also had a holloware cake stand that I had never used.  It gave the epergne the right height. 

I added various champagne, cream, and white glass ornaments to the bowls.
I added variegated Pittosporum from my yard.  I was thrilled to actually have something I could use from my yard.  I planted this shrub at my old house and when we redid our landscaping I made sure I planted it again.  It is used by florist and stays beautiful all year, giving you something to always decorate with in your home for special occassions!

 I then found these adorable Santa Clauses in my attic and added them to the base of the arrangement along with more ornaments.


I found these great fresh green ornamental stars and balls at an end of Christmas sale last year and decided to hang them on the chandelier. 

In the end, I was pleased with the outcome and glad I was able to use some of the dressier decor I have in my home. 

Take a look around your own home.  You might be surprised at what you can come up with right under your nose!
Remember, Great Design Takes Time! 

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